About Me

I grew up in the Delta, the oldest of four children. After attending City College, I spent some time as a project manager – and while I loved the work, over time I came to realize I needed a change. It was later, when I was working in car sales that I saw an ad for real estate training and it dawned on me – THAT was what I wanted to do! In 2003 I got my real estate license and I’ve been doing it ever since.

One of the things I love about real estate is it has allowed me to work in the Delta, where my family has lived for six generations. As I began my real estate career I felt empowered: I had a vision for my career and was ready to move forward, when I realized I was faced with a huge challenge: breaking into the Delta real estate market. As you may know, the Delta is a close-knit community, and there were already agents working in the area that people had been working with for years. I knew getting started would require ingenuity and a lot of hard work: I needed to prove myself.

Well, my opportunity came with a local house that was getting ready to come on the market. I was one of three agents that was considered for listing the home, and the other two agents wanted to list the property at $850,000. I decided to visit the home and study its potential. With my training in staging properties, I suggested improvements to the property that allowed it to list higher. On that basis, I was selected. In the end my clients received multiple offers, and the final sale price was over $1.2 million!

I love that my work allows me to fulfill that part of me that wants to help people. I have a real “can do” attitude, and I help clients with everything from starter homes to million dollar estates to relocations out of state.